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Topics: TeensyWeb Bugs
Subject: BUG: blank subject last post: 01/24/2006 01:47AM
Author: Tyche posts: 1
Created: 01/24/2006 01:47AM

Note to self. You can make a post with a blank subject. However since the li...
Subject: Error report with empty log-in fields last post: 01/19/2006 02:23AM
Author: Massaria posts: 2
Created: 01/18/2006 11:15AM

Whoa! Didn't look that long when I did the copy... Anyways, as requested, th...
Subject: Escaping last post: 01/14/2006 11:01AM
Author: Tyche posts: 1
Created: 01/14/2006 11:01AM

I noticed you have to escape the less than sign with ampersand lt; or else what ...
Subject: IE problem with screen format last post: 01/10/2006 07:05PM
Author: Massaria posts: 5
Created: 01/09/2006 11:05AM

When viewing the forum front page I'm having difficulty with seeing either the l...
Subject: Occasional hangs last post: 01/06/2006 11:29AM
Author: Tyche posts: 2
Created: 01/03/2006 08:40AM

Currently I'm running on Apache2 with fastcgi. I've already had experienced one...