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Subject: RocketMud 0.3 released
Subject: RocketMud 0.3 released
Author: Tyche
Posted: 02/10/2009 06:11AM

RocketMud? version 0.3

This is a ruby version of Brian Graversen's SocketMUD(tm). It should run
on any platform that Ruby runs on. It's been minimally re-architected to
be more object-oriented.

RocketMUD has pretty much the same feature set of SocketMUD with the
exception of MCCP support. I didn't see any point in bothering with it.

* Supports 'say', 'quit', 'help', 'who', 'linkdead', 'shutdown', 'commands'
and 'save' commands.
* Supports ansi - see help ansi for details
* Event scheduling system
* Any help file changes are automatically detected and loaded.
* Code is reloaded by the tick event so there is no need for a copyover
command. This is rather simple and crude and if you mess up the code and
it can't be loaded you just might have to kill and restart the server.
* Player files are stored in YAML format instead of the Dikulike format.
There is just a single player file, .yml, not a .pfile and .profile.

Release 0.3 fixes some bugs and makes it work with Ruby 1.9
- Changed load_control to check file modified time against the last time files were loaded.
- Removed isalpha and isprintascii and implemented regex where needed.
- Made last_modified a generic function, so code loading can use it.
- Ruby 1.9.1 compatibility fixes
- converted event constants to symbols
- convert class variables @@do_echo, @@dont_echo to constants
- make sure constants.rb only required once
- termguard code conatined misleading messages and undefined constant
- load_helps would attempt to load directories
- removed unused constants and moved to their own file.
- Fixed SOL_SOCKET bad parameter - Chris Bailey
- Changed color code to do integer rather than string compares. - Chris Bailey

The latest release can be found at:
The discussion forum can be found at: