TeensyMud - 'A ruby mud server.'

Subject: TeensyMUD 2.9.0 released
Subject: TeensyMUD 2.9.0 released
Author: Tyche
Posted: 03/18/2006 01:41PM

New features in this release

* Support for SQLite 2 and 3 database back ends.
* Accounts are now first class core objects.
* Support for multiple characters per account and guest accounts
* Create/update time stamping added to database for objects.
* Objects support TinyMush?-like success/fail messages in response to trigger script return values.
* Security based on roles - admin and builder roles
* Support for Telnet EOREC option.
* A line editor (@edit) for editing object fields, scripts and system messages.
* More smart client detection for vt-xxx/xterm terminals.
* Pretty prompt for vtxxx/xterm clients.
* More vtxxx functions supported in TML markup.
* @show command to display object properties.
* @gc command to run garbage collection

There's also quite a few bug fixes and better error recovery.
You'll no longer have your session disconnected on command errors.
See CHANGELOG for the full list.