TeensyMud - 'A ruby mud server.'

Subject: TeensyMUD 2.8.0 released
Subject: TeensyMUD 2.8.0 released
Author: Tyche
Posted: 03/04/2006 11:41PM

TeensyMud 2.8.0 released

TeensyMud is a mud server written in Ruby. This is startup system with much of the low-level infrastructure already in place. All you have to do is write a game for it.


* Multiplexed single-threaded network driver using Acceptor/Reactor and Observer patterns
* Correct standard TELNET protocol implementation
* Supports TELNET NAWS, TTYPE, ECHO, SGA, and BINARY options
* VT-52/100/102/220 support
* Partial Xterm support
* ZMP protocol support
* Client detection (15+ clients tested so far)
* Includes TeensyClient an vt-xxx/xterm capable client for testing.
* Fully persistent virtual world
* DBM, GDBM, SDBM and YAML supported database back ends
* Includes database load and dump utilities
* Configurable object caching support for disk-based databases
* Automatic persistent properties for objects
* Object ownership
* Event-driven system with first class game objects communicating via events
* Supports room-based system currently with unlimited exits
* Command based online creation
* Offline creation in YAML
* Color and VT-100 highlighting support for builders using TML
* Dynamic layered command interface
* Currently supports chat, say and emote communication commands
* Currently supports player movement, inventory, get and drop commands
* Help system
* Password encryption
* Runtime extensible commands. Add new commands without rebooting.
* Trigger script programming using Boolean expressions (ala Tiny*) and FARTS language
* AOP-like cuts for PRE and POST event trigger processing
* Supports multiple persistent and variable timers
* Regression test suite included
* Customizable class level logging support
* Global configuration file support
* API documentation included
* Support forum and wiki
* Portable - runs on Unix, OS/X, Windows
* Liberal license

Get it at http://teensymud.kicks-ass.org