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Subject: Ruby 1.8.3 issues
Subject: Ruby 1.8.3 issues
Author: Tyche
Posted: 01/04/2006 03:05AM

I am using Ruby 1.8.2 I have not migrated to Ruby 1.8.3 because of a number of issues and annoyances. Most of which do not affect TeensyMud at all, but other software. There are a few things you'll notice though.

The YAML/Syck parser changed

1) It produces a bunch of warning messages when you run tmud.rb. AFAIK you can safely ignore them.
2) There's a bug storing or readin Bignum's in YAML. Not sure which. This doesn't affect TeensyMud now because any numbers used happen to be within the limits of Fixnum. But as Ruby will automatically convert a Fixnum into a Bignum when appropriate, you might hit this if you are building a game.
3) The document header at the top of a YAML file (---) is removed on saving. I don't see any ill effects of this beyond the warning messages.
4) In saving an attribute that's a reference to another attribute, YAML does some creative stuff to remember this that looks like this:

foo: &id001 2005-12-30 23:20:08.572500 -05:00
bar: *id001

In Ruby 1.8.2, this reference information is lost. Either way it doesn't affect the operation of TeensyMud. If you don't expect the above, you might have a logic problem. It certainly do make the resulting YAML file less human readable.

Ruby 1.8.4 is out. I will not be migrating to it even though Linux releases are already being distributed. Not until the one-click Windows installer is out and working will I migrate.