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Subject: TeensyMUD 2.7 released - Baby Got Back!
Subject: TeensyMUD 2.7 released - Baby Got Back!
Author: Tyche
Posted: 01/18/2006 01:42AM

I forgot to pollute *this* forum with the latest release announcment...uncensored and with spelling corrections.

TeensyMud the original mud with smoking hot T&A action just got Back.

You're going ta want to get wit' it.

----- Introducing TURDS -----

Tyche's Unary Relationship Database System is a implementation of unary
relationship technology. No not relational technology, *relationship*
technology. Once again I have simplified the complex into trivial
simple pabulum. TURDS was inspired by the performances of Rick Moranis and
Sigorny Weaver in the timeless classic drama Ghostbusters which illustrates
the primal unary relationship in metaphor. Yes, the Keymaster and the
Gatekeeper. Like Romeo and Juliet, Troilus and Cressida, Helen and Paris,
Tyche and Galadriel, etcetera, TURDS translates all relationships into
male-female pairs.

With TURDS you can now use YAML, DBM, GDBM, and SDBM transparently on
the ass end of your TeensyMud server. SQL support coming soon. TURDS
only supports heterogeneous data. For male-male and female-female data
support you'll have to use queer relationship technology.

----- CRAP support -----

TURDS is front ended with the Cached Random Access Portal. CRAP is an
object level cacheing mechanism that enables you to use large TURDS without
keeping a lot of shit in memory as CRAP regularly flushes it.

Just for example I was able to convert stock ROM into TURDS and run the
server only using 1.5MB of mud data in memory thanks to CRAP.

------ Introducing FECES ------

The Functionally Enhanced Configuration Environment System allows you
to completely customize your TeensyMud server by using a single global
configuration file. Got information that varies from run to run, throw
FECES at the problem.

----- Much More -----

The NOSY logger now has Class level logging. You can snoop on classes that
are misbehaving and punish them accordingly. Good stuff.

See the changelogs...


Some have complained that I have an unhealthy fixation with the back end
of mud servers. I can't deny it. I'll be devoting more attention to the
front end of the server in the next release.

Get wit' it now at TeensyMud

Tyche - putting the F back in MUD